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    Control-2017 Stuttgart (Germany) 9-12 May, 2017. STAND 7220/3


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MICROTECH® calipers are manufacturing from 2004. All MICROTECH calipers are 100% calibrated and can be with MICROTECH lab or ISO 17025 certificate. These calipers has max measuring range 0-4000 mm with jaws up to 600 mm range with 5, 10, 20, 50 μm resolution.

MICROTECH® manufacturing 18 types of calipers with different measuring jaws according quality management system ISO 9001:2008 BVQI.

Based on the results of metrological tests MICROTECH® calipers were included to the Government registers of measuring tools in Russia and Ukraine and awarded BEST PRODUCT in Ukraine..

On 2015 MICROTECH introduce new patented calipers:

Hi-precision digital force caliper. It has 5 micron resolution, module for measuring force control (8-15 N) with indication window. It gives possibility to have accuracy 10 microns for 300 mm range (in 4 tymes better then DIN standard).

Digital caliper with wireless data output (Built in Bluetooth 4LE-module). It gives possibility to transfer measuring results to Windows PC or Android.

All Digital calipers MICROTECH® can be connected to PC or Android-device. MICROTECH supplies software for connection with digital measuring devices, working in statistic mode, calibration mode, geometric mode, etc.

MICROTECH® calipers are high accuracy and technological tool with optimal price due to Ukrainian build of European quality and reliability.

Digitale Präzision Sättel numerischen präzise kalibrierten Werkzeugen Bildschirm berühren, Bluetooth Steuerkräfte Leistungsklasse Zuverlässigkeit Hartmetall

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