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    Control Stom Kielce (Poland) 28-30 March 2017 STAND HALL F

    Control-2017 Stuttgart (Germany) 9-12 May, 2017. STAND 7220/3


Produktkatalog: Messuhren Produktions MICROTECH®


MICROTECH® indicators are  producing since 2004 with 100% metrological control in MICROTECH lab. The measuring range up to 0 - 100 mm with resolution 1-10 µm..

MICROTECH® manufactures 12 types of indicators according quality management system ISO 9001:2008 BVQI,

Based on the results of metrological tests MICROTECH® indicators were included to the registers of Russia and Ukraine and were awarded BEST PRODUCT title in Ukraine.

Digital and analog MICROTECH® indicators can be using with bore gages, snap gauges and other precision metrology devices.

Digital indicators MICROTECH® can be connected to computers. Optionally, MICROTECH® supplies wired or wireless data transfer unit with MDS software.

On 2015 MICROTECH propose to customers new types of precision digital indicators with extra-large LCD display (digital and analog scale), multifunctional with data output. Also MICROTECH has precision digital indicator with wirelees data transfer (Built in Bluetooth) in Windows ot Android device.

MICROTECH® also manufactures entire range of reference units for calibration and verification of indicators types from different manufacturers.

 Digitale Präzision Anzeige Ziffern präzise kalibrierten Werkzeugen Bildschirm berühren, Bluetooth-Tablets Leistungsklasse Zuverlässigkeit Lösung Grad Bestätigung

Video of calibration MICROTECH indicators 


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